Friday, December 3, 2010

{P.S. Concerning The Butter Cream Gang}

So there I was yesterday just working away at flower arrangements and in walks this older couple. The nice wife asked where to find the festive smelling home spray. We walked over to it and while she was smell testing I caught a glance at her husband. I took about 5 double takes and recognized him as Reverand Wilkie from the Butter Cream Gang. NO WAY!

The next couple minutes I tried to think of what to say to him. I thought what are the chances that I watch the movie the other night and then in walks one of the cast. He is also in A More Perfect Union which I love. I finally got up the courage to ask him and in walks the UPS guy and needs a signature. While I am busy with him, Reverend Wilkie walks out the door. There he went. And I didn't get to ask him. I know it was him, I JUST know it!

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