Monday, August 30, 2010

Chao Elder Arnold...I will miss you!

August 23, 2010

Dear Family,

Elder Arnold: Missionary Extraordinary
In honor of Ben finishing the mission today I am going to start to use subtitles like he does. I wrote Ben a really long letter and was a little sad that I won´t be able to write to him missionary to missionary anymore. He has helped me so much along with a lot of other people during his mission. But that really isn´t new because it is what he has done all of his life. He is such a good example of caring more about other people than about himself. I am so excited for all of you to be with the more grown up, more humble, more excellent, more learned Ben! Make sure to take lots pictures and videos when you go to visit all of the people in his mission. I love Elder Arnold!

Hermana Ruiz has pneumonia…
My companion came down with pneumonia Wednesday and we haven´t worked since. A little scary huh? When I heard “pneumonia” I thought, “Oh no that is bad, really bad.” But I think it's not so bad and fatal as I had thought. We were told that she has phlegm surrounding her lungs and temperature changes make her lungs hurt. So we have been at home all week. She is pretty bored and tired of being at home, it is actually kind of funny because she is a little hyper active and staying in bed is so not her thing. Can you see me saying, “Hermana Ruiz what are you doing out of your bed? Go back!” Ha ha. At first I was a little bummed, being that I am in my last few weeks of being a missionary and want to work harder than ever. But then I accepted it as the will of the Lord and have learned lots of new things in my extra studies.
Please pray that my companion will keep getting better! It looks like we are going to be working today! Woo hoo! I have never been so excited about doing contacts in all of my mission.

Devotional with Elder Costa
We had a devotional on Saturday with Elder Costa from the presidency of the seventy. It was incredible and I want to put it all in practice.
I loved something that his wife said, “you only have two years to be a full time missionary and then you have the rest of your life to be a returned missionary.”
We learned a lot about the Spirit and it confirmed everything that I have been studying and searching lately.

We came back to Colina with our youth group because they had been at the temple doing baptisms. On the way a thirteen year old named Nacho fell asleep on my shoulder. So cute. It reminded me of Jonathan.
Primary bring patience

We helped out in the primary yesterday and it was a patience test. They are really, really rowdy. After observing them for a while I realized that they needed to be actively engaged in something and got them all to stand up and sing “head, shoulders, knees and toes.” They enjoyed that and then I taught it to them in English, which they loved even more. I hope that I get a calling in the Primary before having kids in the future, because I need to learn some more patience and techniques for disciplining.

The Spirit will show you everything you should do, I know it's true,
Hermana Arnold

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