Monday, August 30, 2010

Esmeralda Coming Back to Life

Dear Family,

Walking with Angels
We were in a training with the misión when you picked up Ben and I was nervously watching the hour, as if I was expecting a sign that you were all together again. After the training I had mixed emotions, sad that my brother isn´t doing the same thing as me anymore, but also happy because we are one step closer to being together. So yeah I was feeling a little bit of everything and then after we ate lunch a new feeling took over me. It was an immense and full happiness that I have never experienced before. That whole day and the next I felt like I was walking with an angel. That someone was by my side helping me along. I was so happy and full of smiles when we talked with people in the street and thought that I might actually have been glowing. All that I can think is that Heavenly Father blessed me a lot for my brother´s service and I felt so happy because my family was so happy. So thank you Ben for all that you have done and thank you family for being so happy and transmitting it to me, because we had a GREAT week.

Deyse and Millaray
They are two girls , ages 10 and 9, that have been waiting a year to be baptized. For personal family matters they listened to the missionaries for 9 months and had to keep waiting to be baptized. We received news this week that they can be baptized September 25! They are SO excited. Yesterday we taught a class in Primary and when we asked Deyse what she would ask Heavenly Father for, she said, “To be baptized and to be able to serve a mission.” It was so cute. They are seriously always talking about baptism. We went over the restoration last night and they are really smart, they remember everything. I am so glad to be teaching kids again.

Big Goals and Big Plans
When Elder Costa came, he told us that we need to set big goals. I have been wary of big goals because I don´t like it when I don´t reach my goals, so when we were talking about this in zone meeting this week I was left confused. Wondering how we can have big goals and reach them too. So I said a little prayer asking Heavenly Father to help me understand. Later in the meeting we were watching a video from Preach My Gospel about planning. The thing that stood out to me in the video was that all of my mission I have been setting goals at the end of nightly planning, according to our plans. This is totally backwards and I don´t know why we have always done that. I guess we just follow what others teach us. Well, I shared this with the zone and it seems like they have all been doing the same thing. This week we set our goals before planning and then planned how to reach the goals. It helped us so much! We used our time more effectively and saw a lot of progress from the last week. Actually we started the week with 0 investigators and ended it with 11. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father taught me something so important this week.
Enjoy your time with Ben! Soak in all of the stories and things that he is teaching you. But don´t get sick of hearing so much about the mission because in a few short weeks I will be there wanting to tell you everything from my mission too!

We have entered Spring I think. The trees are starting to blossom and the sun is out and shining. I love it when the earth comes back to life!

Love you,
Hermana Arnold

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