Monday, August 16, 2010

The Spirit is My New Focus

Dear Family,
You are going to see Ben in a week! I´m going to try really hard to not think about it next week, so that I don´t get trunky. And today I start my last transfer. The time sure has gone by fast. You need to send me more pictures of Ben when he gets back. I want to know more about his mission and see more of the faces he got to know.
Every week we are going to Santiago for training on the new focuses that all of the missions received from Salt Lake. Last week we went over the doctrine of Christ and the function of the Spirit in receiving personal revelation. I have been trying to apply everything that we are learning and have seen so many blessings in our area already.
I was in exchanges with H Moss on Friday and we focused on having the Spirit present in all of the lessons. We went to visit Maria Fernanda and after we started her cousins and sister arrived and created a lot of distractions. At one point Maria Fernanda had to interrupt us and go upstairs to find something for her cousin. While she was up there I told H Moss that we needed to start over and start by kneeling down to pray. When Ma Fernanda came down we told her we wanted to say another prayer and invited her cousins and sister to join us. They all joined us and after the prayer there was a peace and we were able to teach the lesson with the Spirit present.
Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary this week!!!
The weather this week was crazy! It was like Provo. One day so sunny that I worked in short sleeves and the next day a rainy and cold mess.
Yesterday was H Ruiz´s birthday. I made her a birthday crown, gave her a necklace and earrings, and we ate cake for breakfast. I will have to take a picture to show you all.
I learned some great new Chilean phrases this week that I will have to teach you someday.
Have a great last week Ben,
Hermana Arnold

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