Monday, October 5, 2009

I cut my companion's hair!

October 5, 2009


Thanks so much for your emails this week. They were pretty funny. I love the image of Matthew, Jonathan, and Andrea on top of the bed screaming from fear of a mouse. I hope you can exterminate those mice! Good luck!

I have something pretty exciting to tell you! I can cut hair! This last week Ha Chapman was saying that she wanted to cut her hair, so I offered to do it without really thinking about the consequences of that statement. She said, "Ok!" During the day I was hoping that she would forget about it. But just after we finished planning she changed and said, "Yeah I am ready for you to cut my hair!" Uh oh...I failed to mention to her that except for cutting my bangs myself, I have never cut hair before. But with the confidence that I had always observed closely when I get my hair cut, I put her hair in a band and cut off about three inches. Elder Davies our district leader called during the hair cut and when he asked what he could do for us I said he could pray for us because I was cutting my companion’s hair and had never done it before. I can only imagine the face of Ha Chapman when I said this. I was behind her cutting and so didn’t get to see it. When we told Isa this story she told me that I am a very bad person. And since then has been mouthing that to me at every opportunity. But I am glad to say that it turned out well. I even gave her layers! Pretty darn good for a first try at cutting hair. In ninth grade I dreamed of being a hairstylist and this past week that dream came true.

Conference was spectacular. A new temple in Chile!!!! Woo hoo. I want to know what Shannon did when she heard it! I had a feeling that a temple here would be announced and gasped with joy to hear it confirmed. The best part about conference was that we had investigators attend and were only one short of our goal of 8. There were talks that I know they needed to hear and also ones that I needed to hear to help them.

Dad, Mom, Ben, Matthew, and Jonathan I love you! I have a strong conviction that Heavenly Father organized us as a family. He has also prepared a grand plan to give us all the happiness we could ever want. The answer to finding happiness is simple; we need to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have received a particularly strong conviction that the Book of Mormon is full of the words of prophets and was prepared by a loving Heavenly Father to communicate with us His will. I have a comforting confidence that Jesus Christ lives and gave us the opportunity to change and become better through repentance. I am praying for all of you always and doing my part to make sure that my chair is not empty in heaven. I hope with all my heart that all of you are also doing your part to make sure we don’t have any empty chairs in heaven.

To do your part, use the equipment that we have. Use harnesses that prayer offers, learn about the danger and how to avoid it from the scriptures, and use the support system that attending church offers. I always thought, yeah yeah yeah another lesson or talk about doing the basics. But what I have realized is that it is hard to maintain spirituality and the help of the holy ghost when we aren’t doing these things. If you think that you can maintain spirituality and not do these things, go ahead and try it, but you are risking severe consequences by not taking advantage of the equipment we have been given.

Like sister Dibb, I am so grateful to say that David and Linda Arnold are my parents. Mom and Dad I am trying my best to live and teach the things that you instilled in me all my life. Thanks for teaching me that living the commandments and receiving their promised blessings are EVERYTHING.

The strongest impressions I felt from this conference were when President Monson started his talk and I knew with out doubt that he is a prophet of God, called to guide us today. The other is that the Book of Mormon is TRUE and will change our lives if we will just read it.

love your missionary,
Hermana Arnold

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