Monday, October 12, 2009

Chau Arnold


I am glad to hear that you all successfully finished Matthew’s eagle project. We are going to go see it when I get back, right?

The time here changed Saturday night. It was awful; we got 7 hours of sleep instead of 8, and that is bad news for a missionary. Especially since we knocked doors for 5 hours straight Saturday, without a break and no one let us in. That day was rough. But we have some appointments this week that came out of it, so hopefully it was worth it.

We finally received our Bibles. I was so excited all week. It’s thicker and so it doesn’t fit in my bag as well and weighs more than the other one, but it is so worth it. Last Monday we contacted a man named Manuel. It was late at night and really dark, usually in these conditions I don’t contact men, especially when I can’t see their face. But something compelled me to talk with him. We could tell right from the beginning that he knows the Bible really well. Has spent lots of time studying and applying what he has learned. He left us with a phone number because his work calls him in whatever minute and he has to go, so he wanted us to call to see if he was home. The next day again I felt compelled to call him, and like you all know I have a little bit of a fear of talking on the telephone, so this was really unusual to want to call him. I set an appointment for that night; we went and found that he had already read the pamphlet that we left. We taught the restoration and left him with a Book of Mormon and a baptismal date (we set baptismal dates for 5 people this particular day). When we returned the next day he had read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. We asked what he had read and he said that he read the first four chapters of 1 Nephi and then recounted everything that happened in those chapters from memory with application to what he had already learned from the Bible and what we learn from these chapters. It was moses smell the roses AMAZiNG! I was a little bit nervous to teach him at first and Ha Chapman was really nervous, because he knows so much more about the Bible than we do but everything is going really well. Every time we leave he gives us some sort of treat, saying that he has to give something to servants of the Lord. He told us one night that he is an apostle, we gave him a look that we always give to people when they speak crazy things like that and he said, "You don’t believe me?" He then explained how he was reading from the Bible where it says something about "prophets, apostles, pastors, etc" When he read the word apostle he felt something really strong in his heart, and from that he thinks it is his calling to be an apostle. He was attending the evangelical church for a while and knows that it isn’t true because they don’t have apostles. He told us that one day we are going to see him in our country with the prophet. I almost told him that he better learn English then, but refrained. He also the other night asked if we could have a night to bear our testimonies, which was a surprise.

We visited the old folks home on Saturday. Ha Chapman sang and I walked around taking the hands of the old people, introducing myself and asking them questions. It was great. The old man that I visited with the other week, walked right up to me and said, "Hola Arnold!" I am pretty sure that he thinks that Arnold is my first name. Then when we left he said, "Chau Arnold, when are you coming back Arnold?" It was pretty funny.

Chile beat Columbia in soccer Saturday and the whole town went crazy. We listened to the partying all night long. Everyone gets in their cars and drives around town honking. The teenagers walk through the streets in groups shouting and singing, waving flags. It was a good time.

That’s all I have this week.
I love you,
Hermana Arnold

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