Monday, August 10, 2009

New Companion


WOW! I received a lot of surprising and happy news this week. Congratulations to Ben on receiving the assignment to be Zone leader, he will be GREAT! Last week in church you were all on my mind a lot and I knew things must be changing at home and that was the reason I was thinking about you so much.

First, mom wants to know about my companion. Hermana Chapman was born in Sandy, lived in Texas and currently her home is Rexburg. She has an amazing voice and I always feel like it is a shame that I am singing with her when we sing hymns before lessons. We make a good team and are teaching with unity. Each of us has to focus really hard during conversations to know what people say and as a consequence we are learning a lot. We found a lot of people to teach this week and hopefully will have baptisms the end of this month. We are learning a lot about missionary work and really the key is to work HARD every single day, always looking for ways to improbé. This week my motto is NO EXCUSES.

One person we found is Milka. She is 84 and her husband passed away one month ago. Ben has a lot of great stories from his misión so far and after last week I thought, wow, I want to be in someone’s dreams! Well, Bam, it happened this week. Milka says that she knew our faces before we called at her gate; she thinks it was in her dream. We found her in her time of greatest need, she has been really depressed and feels very alone without her husband. We started by singing her a hymn that coincidentally had the name of her husband in it, “Salvador.” Like I said my companion truly has the voice of an angel and Milka cried through the whole hymn. She has a bautismal date for the end of this month.

For a Family home evening we played farkle with Ha. Sandra, Ho. Marco, Carlito, Eduardo, and their nonmember friend, David. It was so fun and they loved it!!! I found Summum bonum in D&C 128:11 and after looking in both my Spanish and English scriptures had no idea what it meant, so thank you for the definition. I think it is going to become my new “Oh moses Smell the roses.”

Matthew! Slow down bud! Something that Mom and Dad have been telling my all my life is that I need to have more patience, that I need to enjoy what I am doing right now and not rush through life. There will be time for everything, I promise, that is why it is important that we work hard to be worthy to receive eternal life. Right now you need to identify what is most important and do that. Spend lots of time with Jonathan; that is most important and will keep you young. When you are thinking about who you want to marry, don’t rule out things, think of qualities you want in your spouse, not things that you don’t want. I can’t imagine my life with out my misión now. You all know that I didn’t want to do this before, but wow I have learned so much. Things that would take me 50 years or more to learn in normal life. I am so grateful to be doing this right now and it is going by so Fast. I don’t want it to end for a while. Tomorrow is my five-month mark!!! Woah.

Matthew and Dad-write to me!

Hey I love you all like I love manjar,
Hermana Arnold

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