Monday, August 17, 2009

Congratulations to the world!


Congratulations and thank you to my parents this week on their 23rd wedding anniversary! I can’t even say how grateful I am for your marriage, for your successful marriage. For your desire to continue strengthening your relationship and strengthening your family. My brothers and I are the fruit of your marriage and I hope we can continue to bring you happiness for your hard work to give us all the opportunities in the world.

Congratulations to my wonderful, tall, Spanish speaking, most unselfish person I know- ELDER ARNOLD- on completing one year in the mission this week!!! You are such a good example for me and I am constantly striving to keep up with you in the work of the Lord. Thanks for your new ideas of how to do this work, your advice for my challenges, your stories of miracles and all of your prayers in my behalf.

Congratulations to my best friend on her engagement this past week!!! We have had a lot of good times, Andrea. We have been through a lot and I think we have learned how to have a true, unselfish friendship. I hope you can use the knowledge we have learned in your near future marriage. The thing I love about our friendship is that we find laughter and happiness from the smallest things. I can’t wait to see pictures and meet Chris when I get home. What is your last name going to be?

Congratulations Wavetronix and Dad on your release of Matrix! It is really fun to try to explain your products in Spanish, trust me. Chile needs some SmartSensors; the drivers here are crazy. Seriously I fear for my life a little bit every time I ride in a taxi here.

Congratulations Mom on your really good lesson in Relief Society. I think the temple and many other places in the world bring us feelings of the Spirit because these places turn our thoughts to the blessings we have received from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have seen many blessings from receiving my endowment in the temple. One of which is a protection, spiritual and temporal. I can more easily discern before hand the consequences of decisions and truly feel the difference between having the Spirit and not having the Spirit.

Congratulations Matthew and Jonathan on starting school here pretty quick. Like Jonathan said when the last school year ended, you only have one more until Ben and I get back! Enjoy BYU football this fall!

Yeah this week. Ha Chapman and I are changing how we work and how this sector works. In my interview with Presidente May last transfer he told me that yes, this sector is difficult and there aren’t many members that attend church, but we just have to continue working hard. He encouraged us to follow Preach My Gospel more closely and I have been trying really hard to follow this counsel. Ha Chapman and I are putting more order into our work, to work more efficiently.

I fasted two times this week for us to find the people here who really need and are searching for the gospel. Yesterday we had a miracle investigator show up to church. I needed this because the two teenage girls we have been teaching, who promised this week to come to church didn’t come and lost the baptismal dates. Yeah, Bernardo came to church on his own, he recently moved here and has been taught by missionaries before. He stopped the lessons because his wife was really sick and he had to attend to her health. His wife recently died and he moved here and wants to be taught again. In our excitement to meet him yesterday, we set an appointment to visit him last night, but forgot to get his phone number. We searched for his house for a long time and couldn’t find it and you can imagine how bad we felt for not being able to find the house of this incredible opportunity to help a person with true need, know that there is a life after this. But after lots of prayers and the help of our ward mission leader, we found Bernardo! When we pulled up in the car he was outside his house looking at his phone, obviously perplexed and sad that we hadn’t yet arrived. We have an appointment to visit him tonight and I can’t wait to tell him that he can be with his wife for FOREVER!

We are working a lot with Christian, the recent convert that can’t talk, he is accompanying us for appointments. Yesterday when we arrived to pick him up, he was outside waiting for us and practicing his opera. Like I said before Ha. Chapman has an amazing voice and so Christian wants to learn from her and is practicing his vowels by singing them. It was really funny to be walking down the street and all of sudden hear him singing really loud, and then to see him on his tip toes peering over the fence at us. Ha ha!

We are going to climb the Virgin hill here in our sector today with other missionaries! Exciting. I am going to take lots of pictures to send to you next week.

Love you lots and make sure to celebrate all of your achievements this week,
Hermana Arnold

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