Monday, May 2, 2011

{A Windy Tennis Match}

Last week I went to Jman's tennis match. Here he is serving. It was waaay too cold. The wind was the worst. But I am trying to be more positive in life so.....the wind provided a nice challenge and we showed Jman how much we loved him by staying for the whole match.

I loved the between game talks. And Jonathan's occasional "COME ON" shouts. He got that from his brother, the one on a mission that I just want to call and talk to so badly.

I sunk further and further into my coat to escape the wind.

{I love tennis. And I love my brother.}

Fui al partido de tenis de mi hermanito. Bueno el no es tan hermanito como hermano, el me gana por un metro yo creo. ja. El viento fue terrible fuerte y nos dio mucho frio, pero valio la pena porque el partido fue muy bueno y mi hermano jugo bien. Me encanta el tenis!

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