Saturday, December 18, 2010

{Saturday Morning CARtoons}

Just now I went upstairs to get some breakfast and this is what I found....

How old are my brothers? Just twenty one and eighteen going on ten and eight. M. Silly got this Hummer for Christmas a few, maybe more, years ago and busted it out yesterday to fix it. Looks like they got it fixed! Oh and they are totally recording their times, it's official business!

Then it was my turn....and I have really awesome bed hair that explains the hood. And a total lack of coordination to match.

M.Silly: "Good thing it's a Hummer!"

What is he trying to say? I'll do some practicing..ok? You can only imagine how the big leagues went! It took me two minutes to do 5 laps.

Maybe it will turn into a Saturday morning tradition. Who knows? But it was fun.

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