Friday, December 10, 2010

{Just Havn't Been in The Mood}

5 days with no posts....all I can say is that I just haven't been in the mood. I've had lots of great ideas but every time I sit down to write...I end up going here to read about how pioneer woman fell in love. And then I think I just can't blog about anything that comes even close to interesting.

But *snap* I'm back into it thanks to the Brenda and Marci inspired project I finished last night. They have been asking me to figure out how to crochet the flower headbands that are everywhere and after finally putting my research to practice I came up with this lovely creation.

If you are a crocheter it will take you an hour to make this. Make a chain that will fit around your head then double crochet 8 rows and attach the ends. I learned to make the flower from here, I followed the pattern for a large flower.

Great Christmas gift! I'll probably give away a few.

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