Saturday, December 11, 2010

{I Love...Grafitti}

An "I miss Chile" episode is coming your way. So...I have a funny attraction to grafitti. Is that a bad thing to admit? Because I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Well it captivates me and there was plenty of it on the streets in Santiago to feed my growing obsession.

This particular piece blew me away every week on pday as I walked home from the metro loaded down with groceries. I think its all the patterns that gets me. He's just so pretty when you look at his body and then take a glance at the head and see how you feel.

This beauty sits next to the bus stop where we waited each week to go to zone meeting. It is on a wall that leads to a chinese restaurant and every time we passed in Hermana Dinsdale said the name "Lung Tu" and we started playing the "how many good chinese restaurant names can you come up with?" game. Almost all of the near restaurants ended with something that rhymed with "tu" like fu ku chu. And all of that has absolutely nothing to do with the grafitti for all of you but to me it is a memory.

We hiked up a hill in our area to see the view of the beautiful Los Andes valley and we stumbled on this tribute to Jesus. "Jesus Lives."

I really like the pink bubbles in the background :) I wish someone would make up a grafitti for my name that can't be deciphered.

I'm pretty sure I am standing in front of a political statement in this picture. It was ranting about something to do with the press if I remember right.

I took this picture for the scouters in my life. Do you know who that man is? Well I do. His name is Sir Baden Powell and he founded scouts. How do I know that you ask? Oh just years and years of cub scout pack meetings, scout courts of honor, and scout camp-outs with my brothers.

Ooooh here is another of my favorites. Grafitti on windows! I find it very visually pleasing. That does not mean that you should come sign your name on my window....

With my companion on my first Sunday serving in downtown Santiago. This abandoned building sits on the street "Huerfanos" or in English, "Orphans." I wonder if they housed orphans on this street in the past?

This picture was taken a year ago this week. Aw. So if you were wondering what I was doing a year ago, there you have it...testifying of Christ! Best job in the world!

First picture I ever took of grafitti. Nothing else to really say. His expression and my stance are kind of funny, complete opposites.

Grafitti really makes a great background. Look how nicely it shows off my 40 cent cotton candy.

This is the scene when you come out of the metro on Catedral with Riquelme. A little creepy. Imagine it in the dark.

This one is just cool. Just what a busy Santiagoan needs...a galaxy escape from the city.

It reads, "Some make of the sun a simple yellow spot and others make of a simple yellow spot their own sun...."

Love it!

We called this the "trunky" grafitti. Look what the creature is thinking about. HOME.

I hope you enjoyed that grafitti journey through Santiago. I really love that place. A day will never go by that I don't think about it.

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