Tuesday, November 30, 2010

{What I Miss Most}

Last week Hermano Fabian asked me what I miss most about Chile. I told him that I miss walking the streets.

In our North American culture we go EVERYWHERE in cars, but not in Chile. The main form of transportation are your FEET. Then come the buses and the metro. But this post is about the feet part.

When you walk everywhere you come to know the true character of a place. You notice the architecture and stop for a minute to enjoy it. You are thankful for the shade of the trees. You feel bad for the poor digging through the garbage. You curse the rain that you have loved all your life. You turn in fashionable shoes for comfortable ones. You meet the most interesting people in the world. You give birds the opportunity to poop on your sweater and all down your skirt. You notice the old lady who sits on her porch all day everyday and you take time to talk to her and brighten her day. You see horses randomly walking down the middle of the road. You hear the wide selection of music that your neighbors listen to. You live the changing of the seasons. You get chances to play with little kids and wish they would stay that way forever. You get schooled at ping pong by teenagers in the park. You witness protests. You see people costumed as rats dancing at intersections trying to earn money. You have people ask you if you are lost and when you say no, they gift you bananas. You have more time to talk to Heavenly Father.

That would be why I miss walking everywhere. Our world is so busy. You can slow it down a bit by taking a walk instead of taking the car.

Walk the walk! You'll love it. Promise.

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