Monday, July 26, 2010

Appreciating the ordinary

July 19, 2010
Dear Family,
Yesterday in Relief Society the lesson was about the offices in the Priesthood. Hna Jesus asked if someone had had an experience of how the Aaronic priesthood had blessed their life. (It is harder for me to form sentences in English today. Requiring a lot more brain power. I think it is because I am speaking only Spanish again.) No one really had anything to share so I raised my hand. I told them that I am the only girl in my family and that I am followed by three boys and I, as their sister, have been very grateful for what these offices have taught my brothers. I am so grateful that I have brothers that got up early and spent time after church collecting fast offerings. I always enjoyed watching my brothers participating and administering the sacrament. I am glad they took time out to take the sacrament to those that were sick. I am grateful they have been given leadership positions in which they could help their friends.
Hna Dinsdale our last week together gave me a survey to fill out and one of the questions was about my siblings; she asked me to describe them and write what I like about them. After the descriptions I wrote that I like that they are worthy priesthood holders. The lesson yesterday gave me more respect and gratitude for the organization of the church and how our callings, responsibilities, and the priesthood give us opportunities to learn important things.
All of the schools are out for winter vacations and because of all of the wind that we have had, they are all out flying kites. I love it! It reminds me so much of Dad and the boys. I took pictures, but the cable in this computer doesn´t work, so I will have to wait until next week. We often have to cross country fields and the fields are scattered with families flying their little plastic kites that you can buy for 40 cents. Since the day I got here, Hna Ruiz has been talking about how she wants to climb a hill and fly a kite. So we are going to do it with a bunch of hermanas from the ward next Monday!
The mission life is helping me to appreciate the ordinary life. We ate lunch with Hna Jesus and Presidente Quillay on Saturday and afterward my companion left me with them to take our clean clothes home. She left me because I hurt my foot last week and to not give you too many details I needed to rest a little bit. But anyway, while I was there Hna Jesus cut Juanito´s hair. I loved watching this. It made me laugh and smile to see this interaction of a mother cutting her son´s hair. Juanito´s hair was really long, so it was hard to cut it with the razor. Hna Jesus had to do a little bit of tugging and it made Juanito yelp in pain. It was funny and reminded me of similar experiences with Mom and the boys. In life sometimes we forget to appreciate the ordinary. I guess we appreciate what we don´t have right?
I am out of time. We are going to make brownies today! That is another thing that may be really ordinary to all of you, but I haven´t eaten brownies in who knows how long. So appreciate your brownies!
Hermana Arnold

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