Monday, November 2, 2009

Hard Work Pays Off


Fast… because I want to send lots of pictures. We loved a lot of people this week. We had 12 investigators come to church yesterday. We’re going to have a baptism this week. We walked a lot in the heat this week. And basically the Chilean life is good. Oh yeah, we are eating lots of fruit too!

This Sunday Sofia is going to be baptized. She is twelve and we have been teaching her family since Hermana Chapman arrived in Los Andes. She is such a cute girl and has gained her testimony from reading the Book of Mormon. She has found that when she reads the Book of Mormon she does better in school. Last week we reminded the family that we have been working towards a goal to have their baptisms November 8 and the parents said that they need more preparation (we need to get them married.) But Sofia piped up and said, “I have something to say. I feel prepared and I want to be baptized the 8th.” It was incredible. And her parents support her 100%. She has been really excited about sharing with others during this whole time that we have been teaching her and she brought a friend with her to church last week. This friend, Pati, now has a baptismal date, came to a Young Women’s activity this week, and came to church yesterday. It reminds me of how Mom joined the church. We are pretty excited for the baptism and when we asked Sofia who she wanted to talk before her baptism she said that she wants me to talk. So I am going to give a talk and Hermana Chapman is going to sing. It will be so beautiful and hopefully her parents will feel the Spirit and have more motivation to get married.

We had a really great activity Saturday. We took the ward on a trip to Africa. They all boarded the plane and while they were enjoying snacks and beverages the plane crashed and they all died. We took them through a series of rooms that showed them where they are going to go after this life. First a scary experience with Satan and the sons of perdition, after that the telestial kingdom that the Elders prepared, then the terrestrial kingdom that we prepared and then at the end the celestial kingdom where they saw a family dressed in white. The spirit was really strong when they arrived in the Celestial kingdom and I felt overwhelmed to think of living there with my family. It was a grand success and I want to do it with our ward when I get back.

That is what we did for Halloween. We were fasting, so I didn’t eat any candy for Halloween. It was a little bit strange. The most healthy Halloween of my life.

I love you,

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  1. all i had was a caramel apple, so it was the most healthy halloween of my life, too!!! i love you amy!