Monday, October 26, 2009

Today starts my 4th transfer in Los Andes


I packed everything last night. Said goodbye to everyone. And almost cried. Then we called Elder Davies and I told him, “Elder I am all packed.” He said, “No....seriously? Hermana, why did you pack?” I didn’t want to be stressed out this morning so I packed. Later when he called us with the news of transfers he said, “Hermana need to unpack your things and Hermana’re get into bed because its past 11:30.” Yay!!! I am going to be in Los Andes for six more weeks! That means that I will have spent almost one third of the mission in this ward.

It is a good thing that we didn’t receive transfers, because our investigator Manuel asked Heavenly Father for a sign that the Book of Mormon is true. He told Heavenly Father that if we didn’t get transferred the Book of Mormon is true and if one of us left, it’s not true. So there you go, the Book of Mormon is true and Manuel is going to be baptized this month with his son, Benjamin. Manuel was doubting the Word of Wisdom a lot and didn’t think he could stop drinking wine, coffee, and tea before his baptism, but we had a good talk about it and he said he would talk with Heavenly Father about it. When we visited him Saturday he said that he feels like he needs to live this commandment. It was pretty incredible. He was pretty defiant before. We are now teaching the family of his daughter Giovanna and I really want to baptize all of this family. Giovanna´s son Francisco is the cutest ten year old I know. Friday we were supposed to have a lesson with Benjamin, but he couldn’t so Francisco said to us, “Hermanas can we go to my house and discuss the word of God for like an hour?” It was so cute. And then the other night in his prayer he said, “Oh and one more thing, Heavenly Father thank you for sending the Hermanas to us.” Ohhhhh.

Last week for pday I played tennis on a clay court with Ho. Arnaldo. It was so fun! It didn’t play differently than our courts, but I’m not good so I think that is why I can’t feel the difference. I lost to him really bad. 6-0 6-2. Sorry Ben, Matthew, and Jonathan to disgrace the family by losing that bad, but don’t worry you can play him and redeem our name. I was so incredibly excited to play, I’m sure I looked like a kid on Christmas; I couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m trying to send lots of pictures, so I don’t have much time to write or think. We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday! That was super fantastic. We are currently teaching 3 families that are progressing.

Happy Halloween!


Hermana Arnold

P.S. I went on divisions with Ha Atkin last week, we worked in Santa Maria. And she got transferred last night so she isn’t in my zone anymore. I am a little bit sad about that.

(Refers to one of the attached pictures) This is my family Mom. My family Chilena. Hermana Priscilla, Hermano Arnaldo and Gabriela. We eat with them every week, they took me to play tennis, and Tommy taught Priscilla and was present for her baptism.

When I left their house last night Hermana Priscilla was on the verge of tears. When I came to Los Andes the first time we had lunch with her, she talked about her North American companions and how horrible they were. She has never really liked a North American before, but I guess I won her over. Thinking that I was going to get transferred, they told me that they are going to visit me in my new area, but I guess that will have to wait for a few more weeks

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