Monday, September 21, 2009

That is my cousin!


Yay!!! Ben you had a baptism too. I am so happy to hear that! And sad to hear that you were sick, I hope you are feeling better by now. I have only been sick once, for three days but only spent three hours in my bed. My companion Hermana Chapman was sick and in her house for one week and during this time to ease her boredom she knitted a scarf with two of her pens! Ha ha. I thought that was hilarious and she gave the scarf to Isa who takes it to school and says, " the Hermana that baptized me made this scarf with two pens." Ha ha.

Isa is the light of our days here. We are always waiting with excitement for our appointments with her. This week I felt an overwhelming responsiblity for her welfare. Now that she is baptized and was confirmed yesterday, we have to make sure that she stays active and continues to grow in her testimony. Keeping your convert active is a big concern here in Chile. I would feel a lot of pain to hear that she isn´t going to church. That is my biggest fear for the future, but we have come up with some ideas to help her become planted in this ward and prevent inactivity from happening.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAd!!! I don´t know where you are going to be for your birthday, but wherever you are I am sending lots of birthday wishes. old are you...I am 21 and you are 24 years older than me....that means you are going to be 45! Wow, still not very old. I love you DAD!

We ordered our new bibles last week and hopefully will get them tomorrow. They are taking the money out of the money that we get from the mission. That means that I have to make 18 dollars last for the next two weeks. Wish me luck. I am so excited to mark up my new biblia!

I always wanted to send you my address so that you can look it up on Google earth and now that I know the address and don´t have companions hiding the direction from me because they thought we can´t tell our families, I can send it to you. I live at 260 Caletera, La Villa Minera Andina, Los Andes, Chile.

I waited and waited to see a photo or hear someone talk about my cousin Tommy and the day finally came this last Thursday. We were eating with Hermana Ana and she brought out her photo albums of her trip to Utah in 2000. I was flipping through the bazillion photos with ex missionaries and all of a sudden saw a picture of her with Tommy. I practically shouted, "That is my cousin! Hermana you know my cousin?!?" It turns out that he served here in Centenario and baptized my favorite Hermana, Priscilla Carcamo. She is the best and I will miss her sooooo much when I have to leave. We eat lunch with her every Tuesday, her husband is our ward mission leader, and I sent you all a picture of me and her daughter Gabi. They refer to Tommy as Elder Tanner Hermoso, ha ha ha. I haven´t heard of nicknames for other missionaries, so they really thought he was hermoso. Hermana Priscilla said that he was really nice and reserved. I can´t believe I am walking the streets where my cousin walked and taught the gospel!

Have a fun and safe week! It was way hot last week and we celebrated Independence day Friday. It was fun, but really it felt like the fourth of July which made me think a lot about home. I was thinking yesterday that I can put away my clothes for winter, but today it is cold again. It really is like Provo here.

Mom I am still super jealous reading about your adventures!

Hermana Arnold

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