Monday, May 18, 2009

Really Good Food

May 18, 2009

Amy: I am on now mom.

Amy: I love you mom. I miss you a lot! I can´t think of you too much because I cry evertime I do. Everything is just so new and like you said takes some getting used to. Any specific questions for me right now?

Linda: Where are you emailing from?

Amy: A little tienda near our apartment.

Linda: What is a tienda?

Amy: Oh sorry. I am already turning into a Spanish machine. A tienda is a store. There is one on almost every corner here.

Linda: I just want to know everything. Your companion (what is her name, where is she from, is she nice, does she have siblings), where you live, what it looks like there in Chile, etc. Don't think of me and cry. Think of me and smile, knowing that I'm here praying and pulling for you! What has happened in your first week, in teaching appointments, have you been tracting, how was church yesterday, are there other missionaries in your ward, have you met Elder Barker, etc, etc, etc.

Linda: Can you print out your emails there? Is the internet connection fast enough to get pictures?

Amy: I just looked at the picture you sent of that rock Ben visited so all is good with viewing. Just try to send only one attachment per email. I cannot print emails in this specific tienda.

Amy: I don´t know how exactly to do pictures because everything is in Spanish, so next week I will figure it out. I am so sorry. I want you to know what everything here looks like. We eat lunch with members everyday and that is pretty much all that I eat. Lots and lots of food for lunch. Last Thursday we ate with Hermana Sandra and I was so stuffed when we finished with her and then we visited Jose Zuniga who is getting baptized in June and he gave us huge slices of cake. I seriously thought I was going to throw up. Everything I have eaten so far has been really good.

Linda (not to Amy, but to you the reader of this blog): That’s it. What does this short communication mean? No mention of her companion or where she is. Please pray for Amy. And send her a letter!

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  1. Amy's so wonderful! i'm glad that you got to share that short email correspondence! Amy, you are in my prayers!