Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time??? What Time?!?

SoRRy! I really thought I would be able to post this last week while I was gone, but the Montana internet had other ideas!

Many people ask me what I have been doing with all of my extra time. Trust me there has been plenty to do! Here is a glance at my schedule since finishing finals in December:

{Sleeping in!}

Yes, I admit to a little sleep in time. When will I ever have the chance again? Seriously! Come March 11th it will be 6:30 a.m.!


Who knew I would need to buy sooooo many things for the mission? I am finding it kind of stressful to shop for things to wear in a place that I have never been! Not to mention that it all has to fit in TWo suitcases! Take these bEauTiFul boots for example. I spent FIVE hours looking for these leather, waterproof, comfortable, high-arched, cute, and affordable boots.


I cook dinner every once in a while. I love cooking, but hate to plan dinner. It is the hardest part! Especially with my family’s new healthy diet. The other week we had yummy salads like they serve at Bajio, Cafe Rio, and Costa Vida.

{Missionary Letters}

I finally got caught up on writing to my missionary friends! Instead of writing individual, handwritten letters I wrote a newsletter full of my big and bold adventures from the past year. I got this idea from my mom as she has written one on our family every year since she and dad got married.

{At a BYU basketball game with Mando}

Without homework calling my name constantly, I get to enjoy the company of my friends whenever I want! It has been fun to attend more sporting events, share dinner, play games, and just talk.

{Fernando Verdasco}

Not only do I attend sports, but I watch more on T.V. Meet Fernando Verdasco! I discovered him during the Australian Open. He played great tennis and pushed world no. 1 Raphael Nadal to FIVE exciting sets!


For Christmas I received a membership to the gym and a personal trainer until I leave. I go to the gym everyday and can feel those muscles getting bigger!

{Ender’s Game}

I have tried to pick up reading again. Reading text books all the time kind of took the fun out of it for awhile! Ender’s Game is my current read and is a family favorite. Just take a look at the picture to see how many times M.silly and J*dawg have read it!

For all of you who think, “Oh there will be time for that later!” I am telling you there is never enough time to get it ALL done! When my mission call came and I found I wouldn’t be leaving until March, I thought about the many hours of extra time I would have. Time to finish all those books I have wanted to read, cook all the time, do a lot of relaxing, become practically fluent in Spanish, go on vacation, etc. Yeah right! There is no way!

Lesson learned: I am so grateful to have eternity to do it ALL!

I have lots of Valentine's craftiness to share with you!
Up next: Playing Card Valentines.

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