Thursday, February 17, 2011

{My Big Day}


For weeks I had been telling myself that I was already 23 to get used to the idea. Normally I wouldn't like Sunday birthdays, but this year Sunday was an excuse to not go crazy doing flowers all day. I went to church and came home to a decorated house. Those tulips are the flowers I gave my parents for helping me make it to 23.

Look at that beautiful dinner! We had homemade ravioli!

And the fruit was oh so divine.

My Mom planned an "I Love Lucy" party for me. She got the series on DVD and we watched some select episodes and did activities that corresponded with each episode.

We made ice cream cone cake pops after watching the episode where Lucy tries working at the candy factory and shoves all the chocolates down her shirt and in her hat. Then we made sculptures trying to copy her design from the sculpture episode. And finally we drank green smoothies and did impersonations after watching the vitameatavegemin episode. It was a great idea for a party! And I love Lucy!

Here is my birthday angel food cake with orange sauce!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to my favorite 23 year old!