Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Facing My Nemesis}

debit revenue dividend cash flow balance sheet journal expense EPS
accrual net income asset liability owner's equity capital contributions
matching principle denominal real balance sheet ledger GAAP

These words define accounting. Accounting is my nemesis. I started taking Accounting 200 four years ago, yes, that is right four long years ago. In this class you watch videos of the professor and do quizzes instead of attending normal lectures. I made it through a month and a half of that and withdrew from the class due to over-scheduling and a lack of self discipline.

I decided to take it the following summer through independent study. Even given a year to complete it, that didn't pan out. Then I paid to have it extended a month and STILL didn't get beyond the first lesson.

Fast forward to January 2011. Class schedule; Soils, Landscape Bidding and Estimating, Design Graphics, Pest Management AND Accounting 200. I was mostly excited to come back to school except for that looming accounting class. That class has weighed on me for the last four years, a daunting reminder of the possibility of failure.

If I haven't convinced you yet of how important and wonderful a mission is then add this to the list of pros, my self discipline has increased infinitely! I have no problem doing homework, whereas before I had no problem wasting time. This is what that new work ethic plus some sweet tutoring time with Chris got me.....

91% on the first exam. Take that nemesis!

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