Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{All Knifed Up for Christmas}

I sure don't know how they do it, but my parents have been spot on with their gifts lately. Last year after hearing me report numerous robbery attempts made against me in the mission, they sent me a sweet backpack with all sorts of clips and tricks to keep those pesky ladrones out! I was blown away when I opened the gift. I thought, "Wow they really pay attention to the details!" I think the key to giving great gifts is attention to the little details in a person's life.

So fast forward a year. We are in Las Vegas and the time comes for me to open my "big" gift. I unwrapped the paper to find a bright red carrying case. That gave me no clue as to what was inside, but upon opening I found my new German made knives!

At first this could seem....not exciting. But an examination of my past would explain why this was the perfect gift. I vividly remember being a Youth Camp Leader and being asked to cut up some large fruit like cantaloupe. Well I got out the knife and starting cutting away much to the terror of a priesthood leader standing nearby. He said, "How about I help you with that. I'm afraid you're going to cut yourself." Then he took the knife away and proceeded to cut up the cantaloupe. I was 17 when this happened, 17! And I didn't know how to cut a cantaloupe...safely.

I love to cook. And sometimes that can involve lots of cutting. So how did I get by without learning to cut efficiently? Well it kind of made for a slow cooking process.

Another experience. I am in Chile, eating lunch. I have some huge hunk of meat in front of me. I think, "Uh oh." Then dive in. I leave the meal with a sore pointer finger and uttering a prayer of thanksgiving that I was able to get through the meal. I turn to my companion and say, "You know I really don't like meat all that much." To which she replies, "Yeah I could tell! You don't know how to cut meat." Ha ha.

So there you have it. I have a serious disability when it comes to cutting things. And my parents thought they would get me some nice knives for my future and give me cutting lessons. How great is that? Always looking out for me. Taking down one weakness at a time. I love them!

My dad taught me to cut the grapefruit pictured and make a beautiful strawberry flower. Now you can say, "Amy has a knife in her hands........and uh I have no fear *sigh*"

thanks mom & dad.

{no soy buena con un cuchillo. personas siempre tienen miedo cuando vean que tengo un cuchillo en mano. mis padres me dieron cuchillos muy buenos para la navidad y mi papa me esta ensendando como usarlos bien. tan buenos mis padres.}

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