Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Never Goodbye, Always See Ya Later

September 21, 2010
Dear Family,

Happy Birthday Dad! I will celebrate by being a very busy missionary on Saturday. In the morning we have an activity in the zone to invite people to take a tour of the church. Then we eat lunch, then we have Deyse and Millaray´s baptism, and then the relief society broadcast to end the night. It is going to be the best day! I have a pretty good present for you Dad!

The 18, Celebrating 200 years in Chile
We had a branch activity the 17th that was fun. We watched as they danced the cueca, which I am totally going to learn someday. Maybe Andrea knows how? We ate mote con huesillo and empanadas. I have eaten so much meat in barbeques that at one point I had to pray for help to down it all. On Sunday fighter planes kept flying by, making a lot of noise and reminding me of when we saw the Blue Angels with Grandma. I have never seen so many people flying kites as I saw this weekend. It was a beautiful scene, all the families spread out over the field flying kites together and the beautiful hills in the background. I didn´t have my camera, so I had to stop, soak it in and take a mental picture.

Deyse and Millaray
They are finally going to get baptized!!! We have been anticipating this week for a long time. We made invitations last week and are working on the program that we are going to print out for everyone. On Friday in the activity I took videos of them dancing with their Dad, it was SOOOO cute and reminded me of dancing with my dad.

Reliving the old days in Centenario and Compañía
Yesterday morning Gigio, Priscilla, and Gaby picked me up and I went with them to Los Andes, while Hermana Ruiz went to Santiago with Hermana Aida. Hermana Priscilla was my companion for the day- let me tell you that she is an amazing companion! I love that family sooo much! Centenario had their ward party yesterday in a camping spot nestled in the foothills of the Andes. It was so crazy to see everyone. I was so blessed to have been able to see everyone together. I chatted for a little bit with everyone and then we went to pick up Isa. When we drove the streets leading up to her house, lots of memories flooded my mind and I felt like I had just left yesterday. Can you believe that it has been almost 10 months since I was there? I was able to talk to Isa for about twenty minutes when we got to the party before eating and it wasn't enough time! I just wanted to keep talking to her. It will be nice to be home and have the time to write her and call her. The babies that I left there in the ward are all so big now, so I can just imagine what I am going to find at home! Maria José, one of the Sanchez daughters, announced that she wants to get baptized and that her and her boyfriend are going to get married! I am SO excited about that! When I left the hermanos really wanted to hug me, but we had to settle for the thought that I am going to come back and then they can give me all the hugs they want.

Then we drove to Santiago and I enjoyed talking to Gigio and Priscilla on the way. We visited Miguel, Orlando, and Daiana in the park and then took off for Hermano Fabian´s house. There we ate crepes and ice cream with members and José and his family. We had a little testimony meeting and I managed to not cry. In fact I went the whole day without crying, that was a feat. I know that in some moment it will all hit me and I will have a nice cry, but it hasn´t come yet.

I´m leaving on a jet plane
Friday morning we got to the temple. Tomorrow we have zone meeting and have to give our testimonies. And everyone keeps asking how I feel. I don´t really know how to respond. When I think about the mission as a whole, I am speechless and just smile. I will never stop thanking my Heavenly Father for sending me on a mission. It is hard to leave and the days have been so full of emotions, really strong emotions, but I am excited for the future, mine and that of those who have accepted the gospel. I am really excited to share with you all of the stories that I haven´t had time to write to you about and to be able to serve you and love you more than I have had the opportunity to do in the last 18 months. I put a phrase on the front of my planner that is carrying me through everything, it says, “Pásalo bien.” I don´t really know how to translate that. Sorry, but it's really good.

Sending lots of hugs, kisses, and smiles!

Oh moses smell the roses I am going to be home in one week! Are you ready?
Hermana Arnold

It kills me that I can only put on my nametag 6 more times.

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