Monday, July 12, 2010

Enjoy the moment

Dear Family,
Last Tuesday we went to Santiago to visit the doctor for Hna Ruiz and we went through all the metro stations in Compañía. It ripped my heart apart to return the day after leaving. It started to rain while we were in Santiago and we didn´t bring rain coats or umbrellas. So when we got back to Colina we were soaked! It was really cold and the wind was blowing really hard. I stopped after stepping in a giant puddle and looked around. I thought about where I was, what surrounded me, and how this would never happen again in my life, so I better enjoy it. It was pretty fun and a day I will never forget!
There are different parts of our area and they all have names. One is called San Andres, that is where we live, one Green Valley, and one is called The Canadians. The Canadians has streets called Fernando Gonzalez, Nicolas Massu, Ivan Zamorano, Beijing 2008, Athens 2004, etc. It is like the Olympic village in Chile. Ha ha. That amused me the first day.
One morning this week, Hna Ruiz told me when we woke up that she had a dream. In this dream we met a little girl who had lost someone important in her life. She dreamed that we hugged the little girl and helped her. Well Saturday we met Ashley, she is ten and spends all of her time alone in her house because her mom is always working. We sang with Ashley and prayed and then she immediately started to tell us how her father had died a year ago. It was a really sad story, one that wrenches your heart because it seems unfair that someone so little and pure had to go through something so tragic. Hna Ruiz dreamed about Ashley. She is a special little girl and has sooooo many questions for only being ten.
That’s about it from Colina. Life is slower here than in the city. We have to cross two fields of mud and learned that it is really scary to do at night, so we will be avoiding that from now on. The long walks have given me time to learn to do the famous missionary snapping trick. Yeah!
Chao pescao,
Hermana Arnold

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