Monday, June 14, 2010

In Search of Happiness

Dear Family,

The secret to finding happiness is…………… search for it! Were you expecting that?

Well at least that is where happiness starts. When I was about 15, Sara Linford asked me how I know that the church is true. I told her that I know because it has brought me nothing but happiness. Ever since that experience I have thought a lot about happiness and tried to find it in my life. Here are a few things I have learned. This is a list, not something that you have to follow in order.

1. Ask Heavenly Father to help you find happiness.
2. Heavenly Father has shown us how to be happy by giving us the scriptures, giving us commandments, organizing a church, putting us with other people, sending us to our families. Go consult those things.
3. Find out why you´re unhappy and fix it!
4. Learn how to receive and give gratitude.
5. Read the talk “Happily ever after” by Elder Uchtdorf
6. Read about Jesus Christ.
7. Do something that will invite the Spirit into your life.
8. Set goals and make plans.
9. Create something. Serve someone.
10. Go find a new friend.

These are tried and true. I was in a rut for awhile and it was through these things that I got myself out. I know that I needed to go through some hard times to learn how to be happy. I am a daughter of God and he is teaching me to walk in his ways.

Next week, the secret to get rid of anger!

We went to the temple Friday. When we walked in I recognized how dirty the streets are that I walk. The temple is so clean in many ways. I entered a refuge and left anxious to go back. I learned from the visit, that when we are presented with a piece of information, a person, a supposed truth, we need to identify it as coming from God or the enemy. How do I put this to practice in my life? Good question! I am still thinking about that, thinking about how to recognize in the moment, the good from the bad. It is the Spirit that does the identifying, but it is hard to recognize and understand the Spirit and that is what I am working to develop.

Yesterday Bernardo´s son and grandson were baptized in Concepción. What a blessing for him and us. The elders baptized José yesterday, he is a reference that we gave them. His wife Magdalena is a member and they have two small children, Octavio and Isabel. After his baptism, José and Magdalena shared their testimonies and it was an experience that I can´t describe. They are going to be a family forever. Beautiful.

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!! The big 16. I´m going to be eating cake too! I was supposed to graduate from kindergarten 16 years ago, but we all know what happened instead! Thanks for ruining my graduation! Love ya!

I am working on a project that was inspired by President May and this quote,
“The man who can master his time can master nearly everything.” Bernard M Baruch

I love you all,
Hermana Arnold

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