Monday, May 3, 2010

Testimony so Strong the Earth Shook

Dear Family,

This week is going to be a short email because I spent too much time reading and replying to emails. And with trying to organize the call for this Sunday. I am pretty excited to talk to all of you and Mother´s Day really snuck up on us, it feels like two weeks ago we were talking for Christmas.

Yesterday H Ruth was in the middle of bearing her testimony when we got shook by a big aftershock. It was crazy. I thought it was going to pick up and we were going to have chaos in the chapel. But it didn´t. Just a reminder of what happened.

My ward mission leader got released yesterday. It was a little sad, he has helped the four of us grow a lot and has really looked out for our investigators and converts.

We are teaching a nine year old boy named Estefano. He has glasses and always has a huge smile on his face. He lives in an alley where two member families live. He has gone to church for a couple years with them. His story goes like this. His mom got pregnant young and was thinking about having an abortion, but her neighbor Patricia and her son decided to adopt the baby to save him from being aborted. So his mom is also his grandma and his dad is also his brother. But his dad doesn´t live with them anymore. Only recently Estefano found out that he is adopted and it made him really sad. So he lives with his mom and she is really sick. She is in a wheelchair and Estefano has to take care of her. Can you imagine the heart this little boy has. He has to be an adult and he is only nine. I know he is a special son of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Father gave him a special mission in this life. He is preparing to be baptized in July and already tells his friends at school that he is Mormon. He looks up to his neighbors the Mateluna boys and wants to be just like them. Please pray for the health of his mom, Patricia.

I love the people that I have met. I love my Heavenly Father and the His love that I can see in the lives of others. In times of trial we need to look for the blessings because he sends them to comfort us.

Happy Mother´s Day!
Talk to you Sunday,
Hermana Arnold

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