Monday, May 24, 2010

Talking Back to Mom is a Serious Crime!

Dear Family,
We are sick. We have colds and almost can´t talk. Enough of that.
Estéfano was baptized yesterday! Surprise, I don´t think I said anything last week. He is so full of love that I wish I could just give him a big hug. He has big eyes and big teeth which are always flashing a smile. He has been really fun to teach. When we did his pre interview we asked him if he had committed a serious crime, he bowed his head down and said, “Yes.” We started laughing and asked him what crime he had committed; being nine years old we thought it hard to have committed a serious crime. He quietly replied, “I talk back to my mom.” How cute. We told him that that is not a serious crime and he said, “Yes it is, mothers are sacred and we have to treat them with respect.” Smart kid. I love him.
When he had his real interview, he said the opening prayer and it went like this, “We are glad to be here with Elder Brey, and Elder Andelin, and Elder Dinsdale, and Hermana Arnold.” We were all hiding our laughter through the rest of the prayer. Hermana Dinsdale thought of her Dad when he said that, because he was Elder Dinsdale and served in Osorno in southern Chile.
The baptism went really well. Estefano lives in an alley with two member families and he chose the youngest boy in one of the families to baptize him. It was the first time that Sebastian baptized someone and he had no problems. When Estefano gave his testimony he said that he felt so different. He felt peace and happiness. He is going to be a very good example for a lot of people.
Congratulations Matthew for graduating from seminary! Enjoy your triumph walk this week at graduation; I will be anxiously waiting to see pictures! College is a lot harder, you already know that, but it is also more rewarding. You can study what you want, when you want.
Good job Jonathan in tennis! I hope you had fun! I am excited to watch you next year!
I am going to be in Compañía at least until the 4th of July. We have an opportunity to baptize a really large family this transfer. They all came to church yesterday and had a special experience with the Book of Mormon. They are Peruvian and the son just got back from his mission in Bolivia, Friday. And none of the family besides him are members. You can pray for Segunda, Nancy, Mirian, Pepe, Grecia, Estrella, Mauricio, and Juan Carlos. They are a really humble family and treat us so well.
It has been really cold. It rained on Saturday.
Hermano Fabian told H Dinsdale yesterday that another member told him that she has progressed a lot since she first got here. She is more happy and her Spanish is good. I loved to hear that about my companion!
I love you all,
Hermana Arnold

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