Monday, April 12, 2010

Now they can be a family forever!

Dear Family,

Yesterday was a record day. Rodrigo received the priesthood, Miguel, Orlando, and Daiana were confirmed, and Claudio was baptized! It was amazing! We baptized a family! Now Claudio and Rodrigo can take the names of their parents and their brother to the temple and get sealed as a family. That has always been our focus with them, that eternal families are a reality and they have always had the goal of going to the temple. I asked Rodrigo to write his testimony to send to H McNeil and he gave me a five page testimony to send to her. He is crazy!

I can´t believe the blessings we have received from Heavenly Father in the last transfer. We received news last night that H Dinsdale and I will be working in Compañía together for another transfer. I am pretty excited about it- I love being in the city!

Bernardo is ready for his baptism this Sunday. We did his pre-interview yesterday and he almost started crying. He asked us if it is ok if he cries when he shares his testimony after his baptism. He has accepted everything so easily. You know someone has been prepared by the Lord when you teach them the commandments and they have no problem changing their lifestyle to live them. Bernardo has become great friends with Rodrigo and Claudio. They all support each other and go everywhere together. They were all lacking in friends when we found them, so it makes me happy that we helped them find friends. Rodrigo is going to baptize Bernardo this Sunday! It doesn´t get better than having one of your converts baptize another one.

Robinson was really sick this last week and his sister was in town for the weekend, so we didn´t see him. I am worried about losing him, but Mom gave me a great idea today, so we are going to try that.

Matthew, Jonathan, and Ben, I played ping pong in the park with a teenager this week. He worked me over, but it was pretty cool to play city ping pong. You have to bring your paddles when we come and do some challenging. They also play chess in the plaza de armas if you want to try your hand at that!

We are going to start teaching Enoc again. Do you remember him? He is twelve. We found him back in December and he was the one that woke up in the middle of the night wanting to read the Book of Mormon. Well what happened is that he left to Peru and Cuba for the summer and now he is back again. He came to church yesterday and absolutely loves young men´s. When H Ruth asked him if he was going to come next week, he said, “ I am going to come every Sunday!”
I got my Easter package from Grandma and we enjoyed eating the candy. I love the necklace she sent me. I´m ready for summer so that my brothers have time to write to me again.

Funny story. On Saturday we went to visit an old lady named Mabel. She had been fighting with her sisters and we could hear the yelling. They are four old sisters and I think they are losing their minds a little bit and that may be why they were fighting. So Mabel was out on the doorstep talking to us, when she started to explain how she hardly ever wears pants, but it was cold this morning so she put on pants. And right then she decided that she was hot and she wanted to change into a skirt. So she started taking off her pants right there in front of us! We stood there with astonishment on our faces, trying really hard to not laugh. Then the pants got stuck around her ankles and she asked us for help. H Dinsdale said, “Dude I am not helping her take her pants off.” So I went up the stairs and helped her take her pants off. I love being a missionary.

The leaves are changing and we have the same hot and cold weather that Provo experiences in the fall. It reminds me of home. We are getting ourselves ready for winter. I can´t believe I have experienced all of the seasons here now.

I love you all and thanks for your prayers,
Hermana Arnold

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