Monday, March 8, 2010

We have a living Prophet that receives revelation from God


Hna. McNeil loves Brian Regan too and she does impressions really well. So this week she did an impression of his “I walked on the moon” routine. There are a bunch of people bragging about their accomplishments and he is sitting there thinking, and then says, “I walked on the moon!” And that shut them all up. Well I think we have a “I walked on the moon” acomplishment. I went through the fifth largest earthquake in the world. Do you know how long the earth has been around? Yeah go look up that routine by Brian Regan; it sounds pretty funny.

They have been working hard to clean up all the rubble out of the street. It looks a lot better. The country is going to suffer for years, economically speaking. There are still some people sleeping in the parks in tents. I bought a kilo of bread to give to one family, earlier in the week.

President came to see us Wednesday, to make sure that everyone is ok. He told us that we have a great responsibility and opportunity to help people now. It has been interesting to see how people have reacted. Some have even harder hearts and some are a lot more humble. I have seen the most humility from the members, the less active members especially. I can’t tell you how many times we got stopped in the street this week by a less active member asking us to visit them. I had a really special experience in one of these visits. The hermana was talking about the damage done to her family and the family of her husband and that even though she was praying she hadn’t felt any comfort from Heavenly Father. I told her that I didn’t know how she felt, that I had no idea really and then I testified about the life of Christ and cited a few examples of specific experiences in his life that help him to understand what she is going through. She cried, I cried. Testifying of Christ is so powerful. Her husband isn’t a member, so we are going to start teaching him this week.

On the way to lunch Tuesday, we were going down some stairs and I fixed my attention on some damage that I saw in the flight below and I missed a step and fell down the stairs. I hurt my ankle really, really bad. It swelled up and I really couldn’t walk. But we had appointments, so I iced it during lunch and we left to work. I was in so much pain and wondering how it was that I was so healthy all of the mission until I got to Compañía. We made it to all of our appointments and then when we got home, I just collapsed. I prayed all day that I would be able to get better fast so that it wouldn’t affect our work. The next morning I woke up and felt almost no pain. It was incredible and it is not logically possible that I got better that fast. I thought of that scripture in Luke that says, “thy faith hath made thee whole.” It’s true.

Yesterday we had a stake conference by satellite transmission with Sister Lant, Elder Bednar, and President Monson. They had already been planning this conference for months; it was almost as if they knew something was going to happen. Sister Lant talked about being exactly obedient, Elder Bednar about the strengthening power of the atonement and President Monson about rescuing those that need to be saved. It was so powerful and something that our country really needed to hear. Our investigator Rodrigo said, “The prophet is a really smart man!” It was funny. He was so impressed with everything. I always walk out of our lessons with him and his brother, edified, having learned something new. He’s going to be baptized the 21 of March.

We had transfers. I have a new companion named Hna Dinsdale. She is from Ogden and comes from my last area.

Thanks for all of your prayers. We are getting back to normal, but it will take time. We have felt aftershocks everyday this week. But they are small and don’t last long.

Love you,
Hermana Arnold

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  1. i'll have to look up "i walked on the mooon"
    sorry about your ankle, but it seems like it was a more positive experience than negative. you are amazing, Amy! :)