Monday, March 29, 2010

Miguel, Orlando, and Daiana

Dear Family,

First I have to thank everyone that prayed for Miguel, Orlando, and Daiana this week. They were baptized yesterday and it was pretty emotional for me. It was not an easy road to their baptism and we really learned the importance of being baptized. I am in a different internet place and it looks like I can´t send pictures, so be patient and wait till next week. Now we need your prayers that they can find a house, because their current one is looking pretty bad from the earthquake. An Elder in our activity today said that there was a big aftershock early this morning, but we didn´t wake up to it. I seriously can´t explain how good our week was, when got everything arranged for the baptism and every time we saw the kids. Their faces just lit up every time we talked about the baptism. And I was walking around all week with a smile that couldn´t be wiped off my face. When kids are happy I am happy.

We were leaving lunch one day this week when we found Renny, a little ten year old girl crying in the street. She was lost and trying to find her brother that was waiting for her in a park nearby. I wasn´t exactly sure where the park was because it is in the other part of our ward, but we started walking and we found the park and her brother. It turns out that her brother is friends with Miguel and Orlando and we found them all playing soccer together. It is really dangerous for a little girl to be walking around by herself in downtown Santiago and I know that Heavenly Father led us there to be able to help this little girl.

Rodrigo was confirmed yesterday and he received really good advice in his blessing. He was told to remember the spiritual experiences he has had, to always have a prayer in his mind and heart, and to keep being obedient to the commandments. After his baptism last week, Hermana Ruth gave him a copy of the Liahona from an old conference and when he got home from his baptism he read it for five hours straight. He is just soaking up everything. He is getting ready to receive the priesthood which he should receive the week after conference. He has had a different light about him since his baptism. It is crazy what a difference the Spirit makes.

This week we were blessed to find new investigators that accepted baptismal dates. One is named Victor and he lives in a tent right now because the earthquake destroyed his house. We were walking by, when he called out to us and I went to see what he wanted. We sat down in the park on a bench and talked about the restoration. He seems really ready for the gospel and came to church yesterday. We just need to find him a house before we can baptize him. Another guy we found is named Bernardo and he has almost died three times, but keeps getting sent back to earth by an angel that says it isn´t his time yet. His sister is a Jehovah´s witness, but he has never liked the religion and has been praying for someone to bring him the truth. That was crazy when he told us that and H Ruth told him, here they are your two angels. We have appointments to see them both tonight, but we found out in our zone activity that we won´t be working tonight, because years ago teenagers were killed this day and there are threats that they are going to kill more today. So there goes three precious hours of work. But I am planning to take advantage of my time in the house by studying and catching up on what I have missed in our time going to therapy for H Dinsdale's knees.

Gotta go!

Love you all,
Hermana Arnold

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