Monday, March 22, 2010

Baptism! We are always happy about baptisms!


Rodrigo was baptized yesterday! It was a spiritual experience and great day. I always appreciate and remember Christ more when we have baptisms. It is only because of him that we can be baptized and I am so grateful for the opportunity that we have to receive forgiveness. Rodrigo wanted Ho. Jaramillo to baptize him and well Ho. Jaramillo is 77 years old. He was the president of the Santiago temple a few years ago and has been a member since the church reached Chile. He has translated on various occasions for Pres Kimball and Pres Hinckley. I love eating lunch with him and his wife because they have a lot of great stories.

Back to the baptism. After the baptism Rodrigo had the chance to share his testimony. It was epic. It was worthy of a sacrament meeting talk. He shared Galatians 5:22 to describe how he felt after praying about our message, testifying of the truthfulness that he felt from the Spirit. Then he testified of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and shared 1 Nephi 3:7-8. He said that he knows that the Lord always provides a way for his children because he loves him and that we should trust in him. Then he testified about the Book of Mormon, which he is the most grateful for. And last he testified about President Monson, how he knows and felt that he is a prophet of God from hearing him speak the other week in our conference. The Spirit was so strong and he completely blew us away. His baptismal interview was an hour long and Elder Andelin said that he was learning things from Rodrigo. It has been a great experience teaching him and learning from his scriptural insights. He started preparing to receive the priesthood last week and I am pretty excited that we found someone that will become a worthy priesthood holder.

We had a good week. I can´t really think of any stories in particular. I did divisions (splits) Friday with Ha. Mayhugh; she goes home at the end of this transfer. We learned a lot together and had fun. We were passing a Viking restaurant, gawking at all the things inside, when a waiter invited us to come in a take a tour. It is really crazy. There is fur everywhere, and shields, helmets, swords, etc. So yeah he gave us a tour of the whole place and let us play around a little. We are going to go back today to eat dessert and take pictures. The waiter is a man from Peru and we were able to share the gospel with him right there in that restaurant. He has been to church before with his friends in Peru and lives in our area with his thirteen year old. I have his phone number and we are going to try to visit him this week.

This week we are hoping to baptize Miguel, Orlando, and Diana. They have received permission from the ward to get baptized this Sunday, after three months of teaching them. Tuesday their mom told us that they would be moving; their house is at the point of falling down and the move is inevitable. So that threw their baptism into question. But the ward decided that we want to baptize them and help them to find a house here in the ward or help them transition into another ward. Their mom hasn´t been as happy about them getting baptized lately, so we really need your prayers all this week, so that they can get baptized. They really are my joy and when their mom said they would be moving I cried despite trying not to.

That's it for this week.

I love you, Hermana Arnold

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