Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm not ready for 22

Dear Family,
Happy Valentine´s Day this week! I am sad that I can´t be there to make treats, banners, flowers and all the fun stuff I usually do, but I am here sharing the love of Christ in Santiago.

Last week I totally forgot to tell you all about the huge doll that walked the streets of Santiago. We were on our way to an appointment and we ran into crowds of people. I stopped to do a contact and ask what was going on. The woman said that they were all waiting to see the “Pequeña Gigante.” The Pequeña gigante is a doll from France. She is made of wood and works like a marionette. We went to our appointment, he wasn´t there, so we returned to the crowded streets and did contacts and watched the huge doll pass by in her boat that was spewing water. You should look her up on the internet. I´m sure there are photos. And she has a history. It was like seeing a real life giant, just that she moved in slow motion. What killed me and left me in awe was when she blinked. There is always something going on downtown.

Then Saturday we were in the another part of our area, even more downtown and we ran into crowds waiting to see the uncle of the doll. Yep, we saw him. He was huge. He had an old scuba diving suit on. The streets were a mess and we had a really hard time getting back to another part of our area because they closed the metro near the commotion. There was a fire truck in front of the Moneda that was spraying the crowds to cool them off from the hot sun. It was a pretty crazy experience and we ran into a lot of members from all over the place.

I forget to tell you every week about how I am always teaching in my sleep. You all know how I talk in my sleep. Well one night before Christmas Ha. McNeil got woke up by me asking her, “Will you pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet!” She responded, “I already know!” Then I rambled off, promising her blessings if she would do it and testifying that she would receive an answer. I haven´t changed completely, just that I do everything in the form of a missionary!

We have had two really tough weeks and yesterday I really learned the importance of attending our church meetings. I just ate everything up in church yesterday. I think it was because I was fasting. I felt the spirit so strong and was receiving lots of revelation during gospel principles and relief society. I felt like Elder Scott in the stories he told in his talk last October. When you go to church you should prepare yourself before by praying and having questions in mind, so that Heavenly Father can answer them. Then you have to go to church to learn, with pen and paper in hand. I started receiving revelation and had to scramble for my planner and pen. Next week I am going to bring my study journal to be better prepared.

I have been frustrated and challenged by the fact that I´m not perfect. We are working with souls and their salvation hangs in the balance, there isn´t much room for errors. But I am trying to exercise patience and learn all that I can to better myself.

Matthew and Jonathan, thanks for the birthday wishes. I was hoping that you would drop me a few lines for my birthday. I hope that you all celebrate in the way that I celebrate your birthdays, with CAKE!
I love you, Hermana Arnold
Understanding the Atonement: We are focusing on learning about and better understanding the Atonement this year in the mission, so I am adding this section to share what I learn every week. Read Matt 26:30 and Mark 14:26 to learn what I discovered this week. You can write me about what you think!
Missionary Tip: To better understand and appreciate your patriarchal blessing you can study the scriptures with phrases and words from your blessing.

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  1. thanks for the missionary tip!! and happy birthday dear girl! i love you :)