Monday, February 22, 2010

The Atonement: Heavenly Father´s true expression of love for each one of us.


Yesterday I threw out the pair of shoes that I bought in Provo, I’ve had them sitting around for almost three months now and just couldn’t throw them out until yesterday. It was a really sad experience, I almost cried, just ask my companion. She thinks I am pretty silly, but you all know how I feel about my shoes. Those shoes carried me for 9 months and though the insides are completely destroyed, they are still pretty on the outside. are all going to think I am so weird.

This last week was the most spiritual of all my mission. I feel just like Ben expressed in his last letter. I am so focused and we are now consistently progressing and reaching all of our goals. The mission has been so much easier.

Wednesday I was studying the atonement and I read a scripture about how Christ took upon him the pains of all the world. This has always been something magical, unnatural and confusing to me. A mystery of sorts. So I read this scripture and was thinking, “Where do I start to study this?” Then I saw “The Perfect and Infinite Atonement” the study and testimony by Benjamin Arnold. I had received Ben’s birthday present the day before and was waiting for some reason to read it. Well this was the moment. I picked it up and read it. It was exactly, pero exactamente, what I was looking for. I read it with tears streaming unconsciously down my face. I felt so much love from my Heavenly Father for noticing me and concerning himself with answering my question in such a loving way. I felt so much love for my Savior and the record of his life in the scriptures. And I felt so much love for my brother. It really is something special to have your brother serving with you. I have learned and applied so much from his letters and the things he sends me. When I was in elementary school and people asked me who was my hero, I always said, “My brother, Ben.” When I shared what happened with H. McNeil at the start of companionship study, I cried again because the power of the Spirit was so overwhelmingly. I knew that I had received revelation and understanding of the atonement and it was yet again a powerful confirmation that I have a loving Heavenly Father.

Last night we found a Maria and her family. We walked by an alley this week and I felt strongly that we needed to knock it. So we entered and started knocking. We found an old contact from the street and taught him about baptism. He accepted a baptismal date and we have returned two times in the last couple days. The two times he hasn’t been there, but last night I think we found the reason why I felt so strongly to knock there. Maria is a separated mom of four and battling leukemia. She is so humble, her children are beautiful and the lord has been preparing this family for the last year.

Life is beautiful-enjoy it,
Hermana Arnold

Understanding the Atonement: See above.

Missionary Tip: This week’s tip is for my brother Jonathan, Britnee, and my dear recipe club. We ate the most delicious dessert the other week. It is like the cream from lemon cream pie. It is really yummy with fresh fruit, which we have a lot of here, but you don’t have there. Ha ha. But it’s good by itself too!

Here’s how you make it. Beat one can of cold evaporated milk. Then add one can of sweetened condensed milk and beat until fluffy. Then add one cup of fresh lemon juice folding it in with a spatula. Enjoy!

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