Monday, June 15, 2009

Jesus is Baptized!

June 15, 2009


Happy Birthday Jonathan! Feliz, Feliz cumpleaños Jonathan querido, feliz dias le va a venir todo año. Like the primary song, my bad Spanish translation. I can´t remember when Ben was born. I can´t remember when Matthew was born. But Jonathan, I can remember when you were born. We weren´t sure about calling you Jonathan because your cousin already had that name, but when you came, we all thought that you were a Jonathan. You were a big baby and I always wanted to hold you during sacrament meeting. I missed my kindergarten graduation, but you gave me a present that made up for it. I can remember Dad coming downstairs and saying, "Mom´s water broke and we are going to the hospital." I of course then asked, "What does that mean, that her water broke?" Ha ha. I love you bub! Have a special day!

Thanks again for emails from everyone. I sent a lot of pictures home this week and don´t have time to respond again, but I promise I will reply! Mom, I got two letters from you this week, one mailed the 22 and one the 14. Thank you for the updates on sports and my tv shows.

I don´t have too much to report this week. Yesterday Jesus was baptized and it rained all day long. The streets were flooded. There is no sewage drainage here and so...flooded streets. When I woke up and looked out the window, I thought hhhmmm rain...perfect day for a baptism! Earlier in the week it looked like Jesus(Hay-soos) wasn´t going to be baptized this week. We went to see him about his baptismal interview and he didn´t want to go. He is nine years old and was really stressed that he wouldn´t know how to answer the questions. We had a lesson with him and at the end he was still not in a good state. We left really sad because he was so ready to be baptized and so excited before. We met his mom coming back from the grocery store and she assured us that he would be ready to go at 7 for the interview. We came back and with tears he agreed to go with us. His brother, Manuel who is 16, came with us too. We had to take a bus to another church for his interview with our district leader. It was really fun. We practiced the questions with Jesus and he had a successful interview. During the interview I talked with Manuel a lot, it is so nice to be able to have a conversation now! Manuel is awesome, he has been really supportive through all of the teaching and bought a triple for Jesus for his baptism. So yesterday Jesus was baptized and it was wonderful! His smile is the cutest thing and we always say, "Jesus es mi luz!" Get an explanation from Andrea on that, and Ben will know what it means.

I am getting over a cold which I have had since Thursday. I stayed in bed for a few extra hours on Saturday and it has been no fun!

I have to go but really quick I want to tell you about my talking in my sleep. You all know I talk in my sleep and this week Hermana Cuevas heard me talk in Spanish. all in Spanish and it was all clear, she could understand everything. Ha ha! I loved hearing this when I woke up!

Love you all,

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  1. He's such a cute kid! i am so happy that he was baptized. there couldn't be a better hermana to teach him than you, Amy!