Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good-bye, USA

May 6, 2009
Querido Familia,

I am leaving. In five days. Goodbye Provo. Goodbye English. Goodbye MTC. I can't believe it is finally here. I am so glad that it is though. My district is so ready to get out there and do the work that we have been preparing to do. I feel like I have a good foundation in Spanish to build on. I have learned so much here. This is the only time you get to be in this special place and it doesn't last very long. I am so grateful for all the time that has been put into training us and for Preach My Gospel. I am constantly surprised by everything that is contained in that book.

Last night's devotional was given by Elder M. Russell Ballard. We figured no way it would be an apostle, but we got lucky and had the opportunity to hear three speak during our stay here. He talked about how much our desire affects our missionary work. As you know I struggled with knowing whether or not I really had the desire to serve a mission. I knew Heavenly Father wanted me to do it and that is why I came. He said that our investigators all have the desire to know the truth and we are in charge of penetrating the clutter of the world and kindling that desire. I had that clutter in my life. I watched too much TV and spent too much time on the internet. I was not focusing on the important desires of life. I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father removed me from that clutter and sent me on a mission. Elder Ballard told all of us to thank our parents for him. I am also so grateful to you mom and dad. You never forced me into this. You lead by example, shared wonderful stories from your missions, and provided me with the opportunity to go. I love you so much. Thank you for your love and support. Many, many thanks for the beautiful flowers you have sent me over the last two months. I have missed my flowers.

Yesterday was our last teaching appointment. It was the perfect lesson to complete my MTC experience. We taught the whole lesson in Spanish with no notes. What was better was that we didn't even think about the Spanish; we were completely focused on the needs of the sweet old man playing our investigator. He had the light of Christ in his eyes and it was such a pleasure to teach Him. At the end we all bore our testimonies of the plan of salvation. I was overcome by emotion and I know that that plan is so important in my life. I know that it is the plan of our loving Heavenly Father and that Jesus Christ is central to it. They have given me the most heartfelt gift I could receive and that is to be with my family forever. Now I get to go do the real thing!

Happy Mother's day this weekend. Matthew and Jonathan be nice and do something special. Give Ben lots of love for me! Remember everything he says so that you can tell me on Monday. His stories from this week were incredible. I love him! Can't wait to talk to all of you! Have lots to say so that we can make the most of our time. I will need a lot of prayers for the next few weeks.

Love, Amy

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