Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love.....New Kids on the Block

I was cycling at the gym this morning when I saw THEM.....THE NEW KIDS! I had finished working out with my trainer and was just waiting for my mom to finish her cardio when I saw NKOTB on a t.v. on the wall. Of course the sound from the t.v. on my machine was not working! I became fRAntiC- I had to hear THEIR performance!!!

I dashed over to the nearest treadmill with a t.v. and changed it to the correct station. Ahhhhh....MY boys! (Well I guess they are men now.) Then in a few seconds I realized how ridiculous I looked just standing on this treadmill watching THEM. I turned the treadmill on to walking speed. Here I am grooving to my favorite "Two in the Morning," when my mom gets off her machine and heads to the locker room, failing to notice where I had fled.

Really I should have gotten off then, but I just couldn't, not while THEY were still singing! When THEY finished I rushed off to find my mom. Finding her bewildered I quickly explained. She understood. Why? Because she knows of my complete obsession with THEM.

It all started my junior year of high school. I was sick at home and flipping through channels when I was lucky enough to chance upon THEIR True Hollywood Story episode. Oh man! THEY are from Boston, THEY got hot during the 80's, THEY had crAZy aWEsOMe hair and clothes (see picture above :), and lets just say THEIR music totally rocks my socks! Fascination turned quickly to obsession. Just ask anyone who knows me fairly well about the New will get an eye roll!

March 2008. Announcements that the BLOCK is BACK. Chills. Seriously. I waited anxiously for their return on May 18! They came back and you know what? I went to see THEM in November!!! I have never screamed so much in my life. You bet I knew every word to every song! And it is so great to sing as loud as humanly possible and not be able to hear yourself...but GUESS WHAT?

You are in for a treat, if you listen really carefully YOU can hear my superb vocal skills. Ha ha this is actually really embarrassing, but anything to show you the NEW KIDS. This is THEIR live performance of "Two in the Morning."

P.s. the next Bathroom Jam Session will be definitely be a New Kids song! I bet you can't wait!

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