Thursday, January 29, 2009



{I am Amy. Boston born and P*town raised. My name means beloved, I was born on the eve of Valentine's day, and I fReQenTLy use the phrase, "I love..."

I love taking my unsuspecting mom on long walks in the rain and laughing when we end up totally soaked. I love my three brothers ben*jammin, m.silly, and jofawnley and wouldn't even trade them for all the sHoES in the whole wide world. I love my dad's everchanging hobbies that take us to places like game conventions.

I love the simplicity of a single flower. I love entertaining and feeding people. I love the thrill of finding a HuGE bat ray floating underneath me while scuba diving. I love our beautiful earth and the care with which it was designed. I love the happiness, hope, and direction the gospel brings to my life.

Most of all I love PeOPle! I can't spend much time doing self involved things. I love observing, conversing, and learning from people of aLL kinds!}


{My hope for this public outlet is to share my ponderings, preparations, and creations. To share my formula for cooking, crafts, relationships, sports, school, flowers, and pretty much everthing that life requires. And when that March deadline comes around I will be relating mostly gospel and Chile related experiences through means of letters.}


{I have been a pretty devoted blog reader for quite some time and feel it is time to pay it forward. This is for all of those wonderful bloggers who have given me umpteens of information and gut renching laughs.

And lets be honest here...I am not the best at journal writing. I need sOMethINg to pass on to the upcoming generations.

There are SO many spECiaL people who have influenced the gal I have become and I want the opportunity to thank you. I want you to be able to read of my struggles, special moments, and happiness I find on my very special mission to serve the people of Santiago, Chile.}

Thanks for spending some of your very valuable time with me!

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  1. Hooray for Amy Melissa!!!
    Well said! (or written).
    ...almost a year ago i started to start my blog, i even gave it a name: SIDETRACKED ... but while i was setting it up i found myself trying to multitask beyond belief, then gave in, ran with the moment, wound up off on another tangent, and never finished. some oddball's took the names i wanted...
    luckily my niece and olivia set one up for my entire extended fam, and i post there, not as much as maya does, but at least something!!
    ( my sibs love to continually change the subtitle to things that always include my maiden name, "ORD".

    la familia juárez loves amy, or mejor dicho, HERMANA ARNOLD!!